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Watch Band Logo Options -- DOOSSY

Silicone watch band suggested Silk-printing Logo
Low cost, durable logo, fit to the logo with one color or several color, cannot do CMYK effect.

Silicone watch band suggested Texturing / Embossing Logo secondly
Need new tooling for special logo design, make logo emboss with high-class feeling, unique logo in the market

Leather watch band suggested Depress / Engraving / Coining Logo

Need new tooling for depress logo, can do deep/thin depress effect of the logo outline, common use for leather band

Stainless steel watch band suggested laser logoing

No need tooling cost, we have home-self logo laser machine for your option, fast and low cost laser your logo, build your brand.

Nylon watch band can do silicone printing logoing

New technology, combination between nylon and silicone



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